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This will be interesting as my lip choices have changed over the years, some due to preference and others due to necessity. Up until about 4 years ago I only wore glosses as I couldn’t find anything other than Clinique Long Last Blushing Nude to suit my natural skin tone.

I’ve never sat back and looked at all my products together, to see how they’ve changed.. right now I own around 20 lip products (including glosses, not including balms). I was tagged by the lovely nerdylibrariangirl to do this super cool post – Thank You Gorgeous! My answers will reflect on what I currently own and what I have owned in the past, so here goes!:

Favourite balm/treatment?

My go-to classics: Vaseline and Elizabeth Arden 8 hour Cream in a tube or stick


Best eye-catching red?

The only orange/coral red that suits my olive skin-tone with the perfect finish. *Bonus* points for being cheap: Seventeen Stay Pout in Make an Entrance


Best drugstore?

Rimmel Kate Moss Lipsticks: Below is 02


Best luxury?

Right now it would be these 3 Benefit lipsticks that I love and use constantly: Good-To-Go, Skinny Dip and My Treat


Best MAC lipstick?

I’m going to be controversial here. Haven’t found one I like on me, I’m super picky with what suits me..I can hear the gasps! 😉

The most disappointing?

Every single lip product from Estée Lauder is absolutely revolting. The fragrance they use makes me feel so sick, it is like a strong chemical olive smell but really bad, ( I love olive oil) when you have any of their products on, you can almost taste it. *Thumbs Down*

Liner – yes or no? (Which brand/s if yes)

Yes, yes and yes! I used to be haunted by lip liner as a little girl, it was the 80’s and my mum – who was my fashion and make-up inspiration – would wear black lip liner and bright fuchsia pink lips. My absolute favourite of all favourites are Mac Spice, The Body Shop Beech (I’ve been wearing these 2 since the 90’s god forbid if they ever get discontinued) and Benefit D’finer D’liner


Best gloss?

Right now it is this


Something extra! (Honourable Mention)

One of my best friend’s bought this for me as a birthday gift and I was pleasantly surprised that it suited me really well even though it is a blue based pink. I’m not usually a fan of Lancôme lipsticks, I usually go for their mascaras and juicy tubes, so I feel this warrants a mention



This month on my lip product wish list

download (4)


I tag every one of you who reads this! I would love to read your answers so link me in the comments below ❤







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